Yokefellows is non-profit organization working in Eastern Africa. The goal of Yokefellows is to provide people in abject poverty with practical solutions to better their lives. We believe that God created all men, and cares deeply about the suffering of each one. Yokefellows attempts to live out the Bible by extending a hand in partnership to those in dire conditions. Help is offered by providing technical advice,and training and by partnering with local leaders to implement community level projects.


Yokefellows works on a local village level. We work with local leadership to help them realize their vision for their community. Yokefellows acts as a facilitator to help activate local resources and people, and provide financial backing and technical expertise. Projects include schools, medical clinics, community centers, water projects, energy generation and infrastructure. We try to focus on training and empowering local people to take long-term ownership of the projects.


Yokefellows was founded on the principal of partnership. We offer assistance to partner with those in need, but we also need partners in the western world. We encourage you to learn more by signing up for our email newsletter, or contacting us. We also need people who are willing to partner with us financially. We are dependent upon donor support to continue our work. You can view our current projects section to see exactly what your contribution will be financing.