About Us



Yokefellows is non-profit organization working in Eastern Africa. The goal of Yokefellows is to provide people in abject poverty with practical solutions to better their lives. We believe that God created all men, and cares deeply about the suffering of each one. Yokefellows attempts to live out the Bible by extending a hand in partnership to those in dire conditions. Help is offered by providing technical advice,and training and by partnering with local leaders to implement community level projects.


The name Yokefellows comes from Philippians 4:3 “Yes, and I ask you, loyal yokefellow, help these women who have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel.” A yokefellow is one who comes alongside and helps to carry the burden. It is not one leading the other, but instead two people coming together each bringing their own strengths and working together for a common goal. This idea is central to the philosophy of Yokefellows as we empower communities to help themselves. We tried to emphasize this idea of partnering in our logo which is a double image on the surface it looks like two huts, but it is actually two people supporting each other with their arms over one another’s shoulders.



Yokefellows works on a local village level. We work with local leadership to help them realize their vision for their community. Yokefellows acts as a facilitator to help activate local resources and people, and provide financial backing and technical expertise. Projects include schools, medical clinics, community centers, water projects, energy generation and infrastructure. We try to focus on training and empowering local people to take long-term ownership of the projects.


Yokefellows was founded in 2010 by Chris Low as a means to continue the work he was doing in what was then Sudan. This organization serves as a more formal platform to raise support directly for the projects we are undertaking, and provide financial accountability to our donors. We greatly appreciate all the efforts of Deb Low for undertaking the paperwork process to achieve non-profit 501c3 status in the United States. Yokefellows is now also a registered charity in Australia


Yokefellows is organized with an emphasis on in field decision making. Major decisions regarding long-term direction and overall vision is made by our Board of Directors. In order to insure financial accountability major expenditures must be approved by the board of directors. Our vision however is to leave the power of decision-making with those at the implementation level. We want to work with people at a personal level which requires flexibility and the ability to adapt projects to a community’s needs. We feel this bottom up strategy not only empowers communities by allowing them to be intimately involved in the decision-making process it also limits our overhead allowing us to utilize more funds directly for projects.


The vision of Yokefellows is being carried out by a diverse group of volunteers. We greatly appreciate everyone who labors to make the vision a reality. On the field work is carried out by Chris and Nadia Low, who met in South Sudan in 2011. They live in South Sudan with their son Emmanuel.Chris and Nadia are members of Pioneers International which is a mission sending agency. Their day to day cost are supported through Pioneers. Information about making donations through Pioneers can be found on our donation page.

Board of Directors

Yokefellows has two boards. One based in the US and another based in Australia. The purpose of the board is to provide financial accountability and oversight, and to make sure that the team in the field is staying true to the values of our mission.


Yokefellows was founded on the principal of partnership. We offer assistance to partner with those in need, but we also need partners in the western world. We encourage you to learn more by signing up for our email newsletter, or contacting us. We also need people who are willing to partner with us financially. We are dependent upon donor support to continue our work. You can view our current projects section to see exactly what your contribution will be financing. Yokefellows is a registered charity in Australia, and a 501c3 non-profit organization in the US.


If you would like to hear more about what we do, how we are structured, or how you can help please contact us.